Armie Hammer, appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, and copped to showing his nude pics to his hairstylist.

Armie Hammer Admits To Having Nude Pics On ‘Jimmy Kimmel’

“I hope this is not a rude question, but do you—and be honest—do you have any nude pictures of yourself on your telephone?” Jimmy Kimmel asked.

Hammer answered, “I was watching the opening monologue and I was hoping you were going to ask me this. I found out today that I have nude pictures on my phone.”

While the audience let out a few laughs, The Lone Ranger actor added, “I’m not kidding!”


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Hammer explained that he was getting a haircut, since his talk show appearance was a special occasion, then as he talked with his hairstylist, he mentioned that he has a nearly 8-month-old daughter.

“The lady said, ‘Do you have any pictures of your daughter?’ I said, ‘Of course! I’ve got tons of pictures!,’” Hammer told the audience.

“I’m going through my phone… and I get to pictures where… she’s sitting on the sink and she looks like she’s having the time of her life. I’m showing her these pictures and I’m like, ‘Look at how cute she is! We’re in the bathroom. She’s just right in the bathtub.’ And after showing her these pictures for about 30 seconds I realize that I’m standing fully nude in the mirror of this bathroom as I’m showing her these pictures,” the actor said.

“As quickly and casually as possible, I went, ‘Anyway, you get the picture!,'” Hammer laughed.

“I didn’t want to give it away,” Hammer pointed out. “I don’t know if she noticed anything or if she was just enough of a lady to not say something.”

“On one hand, you hope she didn’t notice,” Kimmel joked, “but on the other hand, if she didn’t notice…”

Hammer interrupted, saying, “It’s bad news for me! I know!”

Listen to Hammer’s nude pic story for yourself:

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