Even though U.S. Olympic newcomer, Ariel Hsing, 16, didn't win any medals in the womens singles table tennis competition, she is the talk of the London games both because she held her own in her Sunday match against China's Li Xiaoxia, 24, who has since been decorated the gold medal winner of the women's singles, and because she was rooted on in the stands by famous billionaire Bill Gates.

In our exclusive with Hsing, she talked about her friendship with Warren Buffett, whom she beat in table tennis when she was nine, but it turns out that Gates, who was also present at Buffett's table tennis defeat, is a big fan. Gates showed up at London's ExCel Centre on Sunday to watch Hsing and Xiaoxia's match, surprising her. "You were so amazing," Gates told her after the contest, which she only narrowly lost, reports the U.K.'s Daily Mail.

"Ever since we [he and Buffett] first played with her," Gates said, turning to nearby reporters, "we have supported her ever since."

Buffett had also guaranteed Hsing that he would be there at her first Olympics, but his treatment for prostate cancer is keeping him home in Nebraska. "I told her when I first met her when she was nine that I was gong to come to the 2016 Olympics to watch her play. I never dreamt she was going to make it to 2012," Buffett said, reports the Mail.

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