Area 51, the mystery government outpost that’s long been rumored to house top-secret items like flying saucers, has finally been acknowledged as a real place – though what’s inside remains mostly a mystery.

George Washington University led the charge of petitions for the CIA to confirm that Area 51 does in fact exist. When they finally did release documents on it earlier this week, it was revealed that Area 51 is located in the middle of nowhere in the Nevada desert. Many of the United States' most tightly kept secrets, including the U-2 spy plane (pictured above) and the more recent F-117 are thought to have been worked on there. The CIA documents discuss U-2 testing at Area 51 during the Cold War and say that the testing on the aircraft fostered the UFO rumors.

“There is a section on the relationship between the U-2 program being responsible for UFO sightings,” National Security Archive senior fellow Jeffrey Richelson told the Los Angeles Times . “But if people are looking for sections on dead aliens and inter-species contact, they’ll be disappointed. It’s just not there.”

While the CIA has taken a huge step in admitting Area 51 exists, it’s unlikely that they’ll be taking any more steps to let the general public in on what goes on there. "I'm not holding my breath waiting for my invite to go to a media tour," Bill Sweetman of Aviation Week told CBS News. Sweetman is one of the many aviation experts to attempt to confirm that Area 51 is home to new stealth aircraft testing. "I'd be really interested to know what they were spending billions of dollars on at that base for the last 30 years," said Sweetman.


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One other person eager for the CIA to be more forthcoming about the missions undertaken at area 51 is attorney Jonathan Turley. Turley had sued on behalf of individuals who had labored on the top secret aircrafts and have allegedly fallen ill as a result of the toxic fumes emitted during construction. "I would have satellite photos available of the base," Turley told CBS. "I had affidavits of people that worked at the base. And the government would deny the existence of the base."

The government is no longer denying the existence of Area 51, but they’re declining to reveal details of specific activities or operations that go on at the base.

– Chelsea Regan

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