The Foo Fighters decided to put an end to breakup rumors as well as the solo rumors with one seven-minute video addressing their fans and audiences alike. The message was clear: they are not breaking up and no one is going solo.


The video was uploaded Tuesday on their official YouTube channel and already has over a million views. It starts off with ominous music and headlines from various publications addressing break up rumors. The video is entitled, “Foo Fighters — Official Band Announcement.”

The voice of frontman David Grohl is heard discussing his performance at the Oscars on Sunday night and his decision to go solo. The scene changes with the remaining members of the Foo Fighters on the phone discussing Grohl’s decision.

Grohl, alone now, is in the studio with a keyboard and in a suit and sunglasses, begins poking fun at the modern day “musicians” while the other members chat about who their new front person will be, ranging from Gwen Stefani to Justin Bieber.

Then, former boy band member Nick Lachey storms in on the meeting and the musicians plus the singer cover the Foo Fighters’ song, “Everlong.”

The trolling video ends with a black screen and the message, “For the millionth time, we’re not breaking up and nobody’s going f–king solo!”

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