Earlier this year, Apple was rumored to be creating a budget-friendly model of the iPhone X. The rumors have been “confirmed” by the phone case-maker Ghostek.

While Apple has not made an official announcement that this new model of the iPhone, however the case company “confirmed” it from a set of blueprint photos. Ghostek is also the same company that had access to early images of the last couple rivaling Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

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The images of the new model look similar to the iPhone X that was reveal in 2017, but this one has a more plain-looking backside. This version does not have the same over-the-top elegance that came along with the latest iPhone X.

The Ghostek photos also suggests that this new model will come in various colors, similar to what was done with the iPhone 5C. However, the highest tier of iPhone X and X Plus will remain with it’s premeium and iconic colors: silver, gold, rose gold and black.

As for actually functionality differences, it’s hard to say based off of just blueprint photos. However, it can been seen that the budget-friendly phone is still enabled with the newest Apple Face ID recognition. However, it would not have the same dual camera as the iPhone X, or even the slightly lesser quality iPhone 8 dual camera. This iPhone will only have the single rear camera. There are also rumors that the cheaper phone will also not support 3D-touch.

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So that leaves the question: will Apple users be willing to turn down premium features in attempt to save a couple hundred dollars, or will this attempt at making a reasonably priced smartphone end in a failure?

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