Apple’s iPhones were at the forefront of their recent keynote, but their smart watches made an appearance as well. Series 3 of the Apple Watch was discussed at the presentation, showcasing its new features, one of which fans have been clamoring for.


Apple Watch Series 3 is adding a welcomed layer of convenience — it’s no longer completely dependent on its paired iPhone. Thanks to a new W2 chip strengthening the battery, Apple Watches can now work with cellular. As Apple says, you can “stay connected when you’re away from your phone.” You’re now free to send text messages, call people or ask Siri for favors with your watch. Nevertheless, you’ll still link your Apple Watch to your iPhone, therefore sending it notifications from your phone. The ability to stream music is coming to your waterproof watch, too.

However, the battery life is still something you’ll need to monitor. According to Apple’s records, the Watch can retain a charge for up to 18 hours to over one hour if you’re chatting with someone over LTE.

According to CNET’s hands-on preview, the Series 3 Apple Watches closely mirror that of their Series 2 forebearers. This is a positive, as the new Apple Watches are still compact and comfortable to wear. However, he was less enticed about the Sport Loop nylon band that wrapped around his wrist, describing it as “an acquired taste.” He also noted the addition of a number pad to dial phone numbers.

Pre-orders will open on September 15. Apple Watch’s third series will launch a week later, on September 22. There are three pricing options: $329 for a GPS-capable device, $399 for a machine with GPS and cellular compatibility, and $599 will net you both of those features and a nifty stainless steel case.