Apple’s iPhone X offers facial recognition features that well exceed that of its predecessors. The tech ginat seems pleased with what they achieved, and they’re looking to incorporate similar technology into the 2019 iPhone model.


According to Bloomberg’s report, Apple is designing rear-facing 3-D sensor systems for the 2019 iteration of their flagship smartphone. However, the technology will not just be a retread of the iPhone X; instead, it will be hardwired to support AR.

Apple’s Tim Cook is a known supporter of AR, or Augmented Reality, so seeing it worked into his company’s phones seems inevitable. Earlier this year, Apple released the ARKit. Although it comes with limitations, which an AR-capable rear camera would help remedy, the development kit has made it easier to develop AR apps for iPhones.

It is presumed that forthcoming iPhones will retain the X’s TrueDepth, thereby giving future iPhones front and rear cameras capable of sensing faces in 3D. X’s facial recognition is managed through the smartphone’s “structured-light technique that projects a pattern of 30,000 laser dots onto a user’s face and measures the distortion to generate an accurate 3-D image for authentication.” Animojis and Face ID are two apps that take advantage of this technology.

Conversely, the rear camera would make use of a time-of-flight system. This is more manufacturing-friendly, as the iPhone X’s sensor required an impeccable degree of accuracy. The testing for Apple’s new technology has only begun, and they’re currently scouting potential partners. Additionally, it is possible this technology could miss the 2019 iPhone model.

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