Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has revealed new upgrades for the upcoming 2017 iPhone 8 model.


While many of these new details are exciting, they will also necessarily lead to higher priced phones. In addition to a redesign, which was already known, Kuo reports Apple will finally introduce a wireless charging mat for all new iPhones, as well as fast-wired charging.

Kuo also says there will be three new iPhone models coming. Two iPhone 7S upgrades, and the new iPhone 8 / iPhone X, which will commemorate the 10th anniversary of the first iPhone.

Apparently the price hike will be generated because of the new technology required to make the fast-charge capabilities feasible. The new phones will need a new graphite later and 3D Touch module, and will push the price of the phone to over $1,000. A separate report confirmed these numbers.

While this may seem like a fortune to pay for a phone, iPhone users will likely return to get the newest model, as evidenced by the sales of the new MacBook Pro that also shared a price increase. One issue some take up is the necessity of the new 3D Touch module, that many will use, but many users will probably completely forget about.

The new iPhone will also have to compete with the newly redesigned Samsung Galaxy 8 and the second generation Google Pixel phone.

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