Apple’s new iOS 9.1 software update comes with 150 new emoji characters for texters.

Apple Emoji

Among the new features of Apple’s latest software update is a slew of new emoji. Among the recent additions are a taco, a burrito, a hotdog, a wedge of cheese, a turkey, a lion, a mosque, a unicorn and the middle finger – in all of the last update’s new skin shades.


Courier firm ParcelHero believes that emoji are “the fastest growing language in history.”

“Our research shows 92% of the online population now use emojis,” ParcelHero’s head of public relations, David Jinks, told Forbes. “For many they are replacing text and internet terms such as ‘LOL,’ as they are quicker to use and more fun than text.”

“Emojis are not just for millennials. Web users in their 40s and beyond are enthusiastically using them, they are quicker to use and more immediate in their message than text,” Jinks added. “Interestingly, our research, and that of emoji designers Emogi, shows women are more likely to use them than men.”

Apple likely won’t be stopping with its latest emoji additions. It’s believed that next year, bacon, a pregnant woman, a cowboy, a clown and a person taking a selfie will be among the emoji rolled out in the next software update.

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