Anthony Weiner was stopping by a Brooklyn bakery during his mayoral campaign for a snack when he was met with jeers from fellow patron Saul Kessler.

As Weiner was moving to walk out the door – a bit of pastry in mouth – Kessler shouted out, “You’re a real scumbag, Anthony!” Likely accustomed to such taunts, Weiner, without even turning to get a look at the man, stated, “Very nice, that’s a charming guy right there.” But it didn’t stop there.

Kessler, who is Jewish, then targeted Weiner’s marriage to political strategist Huma Abedin, sneering, “Married to an Arab,” and continued on to say, “You are disgusting, disgusting.” Weiner then admonished him for saying such hateful things in front of the children present, and then called him a coward for spewing his vitriol as he’d been leaving the shop. The two then sparred verbally face-to-face.

Once the two were inches from one another, Kessler didn’t hold back, referring to the sexting scandal that forced Weiner to resign from Congress in 2011 and that reemerged as a problem earlier in his campaign to be New York City’s next mayor. Kessler expressed incredulity concerning Weiner’s confidence, saying, “And you even have the nerve to even walk around in public.”

When a Twitter user wrote that the mayoral hopeful “absolutely melts down at voter in Boro Park,” Weiner felt the need to clear the air. He responded, “If by meltdown you mean stood up to a heckler. Yep. Did that. That’s what Mayors have to do sometimes.”

Weiner also replied to someone who commented on his full mouth during the argument's early stages.

Kessler, 51, later admitted that his Arab comment likely crossed the line in an interview with CNN later in the day. “It's just a certain feeling I have as a Jew," he told CNN, explaining his remark. "And my attitude is that — not all Arabs — but, in general… they want to kill every Jew.“ He then added, "I probably shouldn't have said it.”

Weiner is currently trailing three other candidates in New York City’s Democratic mayoral primary.

– Chelsea Regan

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