Anthony Quintal, also known as YouTube’s popular Lohanthony, spoke about coming out on YouTube and twerked for fans on Thursday at VidCon.

Anthony Quintal Speaks On Being Gay, Twerks For Fans

Quintal, the 16-year-old vlogger, started out posting videos on the internet at the age of 10 (he has over 1.5 million followers). “I started out at 10 years old, so it’s gonna be my sixth year on YouTube in January,” Quintal told interviewer Hunter March.

“What did you have to talk about on the internet at 10 years old?,” March asked. “I didn’t have a lot to talk about — just had a lot to do — a lot of energy inside me I wanted to release,” the vlogger replied.

March reminded Quintal of one of his earliest posts, in which he brought to viewers a new leg dance craze. Quintal showed off his leg dance, but did not have a name for his moves. Luckily, he loved the idea from his fans in the audience to call the leg dance, “Chicken Wing.”

Quintal was later asked about the person he looks up to. “I have a lot of role models. One of them is RuPaul, he is amazing and a great role model. I got to actually meet him,” the YouTube star explained.

Quintal also talked about his decision to come out on YouTube, after a fan asked him how he was able to make the announcement sound so positive.

“I’ve always accepted myself and it was just something that I just wanted to let other people know about,” Quintal told the audience, after acknowledging that coming out is “something that’s personal” and about “accepting yourself.”

Quintal couldn’t leave the VidCon stage without showing off his twerking skills. “Can we get a beat going?” he asked the audience.

Music started to play as the audience clapped, and Quintal twerked along to the beat.

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