Actor Anthony Michael Hall has apologized for his outburst at a hotel pool in Austin, Texas. In the statement, Hall stated, “I am deeply sorry for my words and ask for forgiveness from anyone who I may have offended.”

Hall was at the pool with his wife and assistant, where he was allegedly blasting music and cursing in front of children, leading someone to confront him about his behavior.

Video footage, captured by TMZ, shows Hall speaking with other pool guests, flipping them off, calling them names such as Rosie O’Donnell, rudely splashing water and using several expletives.

The actor was escorted out of the pool by hotel security, and in another statement to Fox News Hall shared, “As a result of a misunderstanding and miscommunication between myself and some hotel guests, the situation needlessly and regrettably escalated.”

This is not the first instance of Hall acting out poorly in public. He has previously been arrested in 2011 for disturbing the peace, and in 2016, he was charged with assault.