America’s Got Talent continues to serve as an outlet for many to hone and demonstrate their skills, from singers like Courtney Hadwin to daredevils like Annaliese Nock.


Nock was among the latest entrants who have auditioned on the show’s thirteenth season. As the daughter of the famous daredevil Bello Nock, the 21-year-old sought to prove she was just as capable as her father.

Surpassing him would be a challenge, however; last year on the program, he had shot himself out of a cannon and over a helicopter. It was a stunt all four judges vividly remembered, meaning they knew Nock had to have prepared something special in order to live up to her father’s legacy.

In lieu of using herself as a projectile, Nock instead brought a wooden coffin and six sticks of dynamite with her. It was nevertheless still a dangerous skit, with paramedics and firefighters sitting idle should they be needed. Even the bystanders, who were given earplugs to protect their hearing, weren’t completely safe.

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Given the nature of the Exploding Coffin, Nock could have been killed at any point via fire or fumes, with her and her father both looking nervous as she was bolted into the coffin. Nock acknowledged via voiceover that the Exploding Coffin would light into the biggest explosion she’s worked through by this point.

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The audience’s concern was palpable. However, their gasps and worried facial expressions were for naught, as Nock got up unharmed, giving a thumbs up. For her troubles, Nock is moving on to the next round of the show, and it will certainly be interesting to see how she plans to outdo the Exploding Coffin.

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