One of the most memorable and important events in American political history is now the subject of a documentary being screened to favorable reviews at the Sundance Film Festival. ANITA is the story of Anita Hill, 56, the young law professor who in 1991 testified before members of the Senate Judiciary Committee on then-Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas and the sexual harassment she suffered from him.

The hearing was televised and became representative of the country's struggle with sexual harassment in the workplace and gender inequality. The documentary's director, Freida Mock, shows what Hill is up to these days and how she has a become a heroine for so many women. The film received a standing ovation after its first screening, according to Deadline.

Following the movie's premiere, Hill took to the stage. “What I love about this film is we’re looking at the next generation of people, looking at the next generation of issues and getting it right,” she told the crowd in attendance.

ANITA has three more screenings at Sundance.

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