With her latest gimmicky romantic comedy, The Bounty Hunter, still as yet to hit the paltry $40 million after a full ten days of release against some pretty weak first-quarter competition, critics have come out united in their consensus that Jennifer Aniston is at the very least in need of a serious career makeover, and possibly even some time away from acting altogether. Speaking to the New York Post one critic, who wished to remain anonymous for fear of biting the studio hand that feeds, cited the former Friends star’s advancing years as reason for her waning appeal. “She’s aged out, no matter the yoga and the highlights. She just can’t do America’s sweetheart,” the critic said.

In addition to age and ailing beauty, Aniston is also battling changing tastes in her bid to reassert herself as a serious box office draw. The resurgence of the R-rated comedy saw boy’s misadventure The Hangover pull over $277 million during its domestic run last year, which is more than Aniston’s last three pictures combined. With girls going gaga over Twilight, and guys embracing bro-mance and a deeper, more meaningful underlying message in the Apatow era, the days of the traditional boy-meets-girl-loses-girl-gets-girl-back-again romantic comedy might well be numbered.

One potential path for Aniston could be to return to the small screen, following in the footsteps of fellow Friends alum Courtney Cox, who is currently enjoying success anchoring the sassy and sexy ABC comedy Cougar Town. This opinion is one echoed by renowned critic and longtime-closeted Aniston admirer Mark Kermode, who recently devoted a video segment on his BBC blog to ponder Jen’s dilemma, ultimately concluding that every time he sees her face on a big screen his first thought is always “Why aren’t you on television?”

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