Angelina Jolie, who has parlayed her success as a film star into far-reaching humanitarian efforts, was named an honorary dame by Queen Elizabeth II on Friday.

Angelina Jolie Named Honorary Dame

Queen Elizabeth II gave Jolie the honor for her contributions to U.K. foreign policy and specifically for her more recent focused efforts on ending sexual violence in war zones.

In 2012, Jolie co-founded the Preventing Sexual Violence Initiative with Foreign Secretary William Hague. This past week Jolie, who was joined by her husband Brad Pitt, actively participated in a conference on the subject. Furthermore, the Maleficent star serves as a special envoy of the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees.

Speaking of the honor, Jolie expressed her gratitude for being recognized for her foreign policy efforts.

“To receive an honor related to foreign policy means a great deal to me, as it is what I wish to dedicate my working life to,” Jolie said, according to Entertainment Weekly.

Though the Queen has honored Jolie with the recognition, the actress, who isn’t a British or Commonwealth citizen, won’t be allowed to use the title.

Other celebrities who received honors on Friday were Daniel Day-Lewis, who received a knighthood and Maggie Smith, who received the Companion of Honor.


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