Only a few days after letting go of Andy Sneap, Judas Priest have brought back the 52-year-old guitarist for their tour.

Initially, the heavy metal group let Sneap go due to their desire to change to a four-piece band.

“Rob called me last Monday and said they wanted to move on as a four-piece, which I find incredibly disappointing after this amount of time but I respect his decision as they obviously have a vision [of] how they want this to play out,” Sneap said. “This always was a temporary situation, and like I’ve said before, I’ll always help the band any way I can, and that applies going forward also.”


But just a few days later the band reversed course and issued a new statement, “Hello metal maniacs… given all that has recently evolved and transpired we have decided unanimously as a band to continue our live shows unchanged with Rob, Ian [Hill, bass], Richie [Faulkner, guitar], Scott [Travis, drums], Andy and Glenn [Tipton, guitar] joining us whenever he’s able… so see you all soon as we forge ahead celebrating 50 massive heavy metal years of Judas Priest together!”

Tipton, who is 74 years old with Parkinson’s disease, has been forced to quit touring for extensive periods due to having trouble playing the more “challenging” songs. He will still perform with the band when he is feeling well enough.


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