It’s been a good U.S. Open for American tennis player Andy Roddick, 30, who beat Italy’s Fabio Fognini, 25, to advance to the fourth round, in which he will square off against 2009 Open champion Juan Martin del Potro on Tuesday.

Roddick, who would have been considered a long shot in an Open tournament featuring such tennis greats as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, seems determined to go out on a high note. He announced on Thursday, which was also his 30th birthday, that this would be his final tournament before retirement, reports Newsday.

“It’s humbling,” he said. “I’m normally good about being able to articulate thoughts. “But this whole process, I’m not trying to overthink it. I’m trying to be, I guess, as simplistic as possible. I’m trying to enjoy the process, and when I get out there, trying to compete, also.”

Roddick’s upcoming retirement is partly due to a chronic shoulder injury that has been flaring up during this year’s Open. After his victory, Roddick had to admit that the shoulder “was not great. But, you know, it’s good enough. I’ve got, max, a week of tennis left, so it’s good enough for that.”

During Roddick’s match against his good friend Fognini, the crowd was going wild, repeatedly chanting, “Let’s go, Andy!”

“They definitely established themselves,” Roddick said. “It was loud out there. About as loud as I remember. I’d be an idiot not to use the crowd right now. It’s a huge advantage.”

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