Andrew Tate‘s Twitter account shared an article that suggested either he or his brother, Tristan, were taken to the hospital Sunday while in jail in Romania.

Since Tate is incarcerated, it remains unclear who created the post. While the account implied that Tate had been attacked, Romanian media reports contain nothing to support the suggestion.


Tate’s post linked to an article from Spy News, a Romanian news outlet. It stated that one of the brothers had been sent to the hospital after a health checkup in prison.

Spy News cited a report from Romanian CNN affiliate Antena 3. This is where the quote from journalist Carmina Pricopie in Tate’s tweet originated from.

The quote read: “Yesterday he was taken out of the Central Prison of the Capital Police and taken to a hospital because when he was incarcerated, according to the procedures, he was given a medical examination and the prison doctor asked him if he was suffering from certain ailments.”

NFT Technologies co-founder and CEO Mario Nawfal stated that while there were conflicting reports, a doctor may have discovered something during the checkup. The hospital visit was based on Tate’s attorney briefing the Central Prison of the Capital Police about Tate’s heart condition.

However, Twitter user @SartorialShootr contradicted this, claiming they travel with Tate.

In another tweet, @SartorialShootr said that Tate was taken to the hospital but is fine.

Tate’s Twitter account has referred to the Matrix movies several times while claiming that the human-trafficking investigation is a conspiracy against him and his brother.

The brothers as well as two women were arrested as part of this investigation on December 29, 2022.

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