Robin De Jesús, Andrew Garfield and Alexandra Shipp walked the red carpet at the Schoenfeld Theater for the premiere of tick, tick…BOOM!, a new Netflix film.

The trio brought their own unique fashion to the event. Shipp turned heads with a short black dress with pink and black rose decal, complete with chunky silver earrings. The men each wore a suit, De Jesús keeping it simple with a black and white ensemble, and Garfield showing off his bold style with a dark blue and brown look.

Directed by Lin-Manuel Mirandatick, tick…BOOM was originally a musical. It follows the main character, Jonathan Larson, as he struggles to accept his fate leading up to his attendance for a workshop that could define his career. After writing a pop-rock musical for eight years, he finally was able to share it with the world. The film takes place in New York during the 90s and pays homage to other musicals Jonathan Larson has written, like the popular Broadway show, Rent.

The filmmaker added a ticking musical beat that plays throughout the film, a metronomic reminder of Jon’s looming deadline and constant anxieties.

Tick, tick…BOOM stars Vanessa Hudgens and Jordan Fisher, popular faces in the Broadway and musical world. The film was released on Netflix on November 17, just five days after its limited theatrical release on November 12.

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