Andrew Garfield has denied a rumor that his version of Spider-Man will be appearing alongside Tom Holland in the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home.

On Monday Garfield appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote his new film The Eyes of Tammy Faye, when Fallon mentioned the possibility of his appearance in the Spider-Man film.

The rumor is based on a photograph that apparently showed Garfield on the set of the film in his iconic red jumpsuit, which has since been taken down. Garfield was quick to deny the rumor, stating that the image was photoshopped.

He clarified that he would love to return to the MCU, if given the chance. “If they want to give me a call at this late, late stage of the game, you know, I’m sitting here in my tracksuit,” he said.

The denial has done little to stop fan theories, as an apparent video of him on set leaked as well.


Even though he claims that he won’t be appearing in the film, he is excited to see it.

“I think that Tom Holland is just the perfect Peter Parker and Spider-Man, so I’m just super stoked,” he said. “And I get to just like, be a fan again, which is my preferred position — to be able to sit in the audience and kind of go, ‘Yeah, you screwed up mate, you didn’t do it as well as you could have done, eh?’ I get to be that guy that’s just like, ‘Yeah, I don’t really love the suit… I get to be that person which is so much fun.'”

Spider-Man: No Way Home will be releasing in theaters on Dec. 17.

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