André 3000 and Big Boi came together again as OutKast this past summer to head out on a reunion tour 10 years after the group had last hit a stage together – which André now admits he was apprehensive about.

André 3000 On OutKast Reunion

For OutKast’s reunion tour, André and Big Boi played at all of the major U.S. music festivals – from SoCal’s Coachella to New York City’s Governor’s Ball. André, finding it difficult to generate enthusiasm at the prospect of unearthing songs 10 years into his musical history, decided to find some fun in his fashion choices. Up on stage, the performer wore shirts that said “save the wells.,” “across cultures, darker people suffer most. why?” and “art of fart?”

“Honestly, just, you know—I didn’t wanna do the tour. We hadn’t performed in 10 years. It was old songs. I’m like, How am I gonna present these songs? I don’t have nothing new to say,”André told Fader. “So I was like, maybe I can start saying new stuff while doing these old songs. It became a theme where I was more excited about this than the actual show. This is fun, running out in these.”

The singer added, “I felt weird about going out on stage and doing it again. I felt like people would be like, ‘Y’all are doing all these festivals, y’all are just doing it for money. And I felt like a sellout, honestly. So I was like, if I’m in on the joke, I’ll feel cool about it.”

Now, André’s 47 tour jumpsuits that featured both thought provoking political messages and comical quotes have been included at Savannah College of Art and Design’s i feel ya: SCAD + André 3000 Benjamin exhibit at Art Basel Miami Beach.

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