Anderson Silva’s 7-year undefeated streak was decisively ended on Saturday, when underdog opponent Chris Weidman beat him to become the new UFC middleweight champion.

Silva’s game of clowning around, egging his competitor into a state of frustration failed to unsettle Weidman. Instead, Silva's antics are ultimately what handed Weidman the victory and him the loss. Backing out of Weidman’s range with his arms at his sides and a grin on his face in the second round, Silva received Weidman's third punch solidly on his cheek. Weidman took a few final strikes at the reigning champion as he lied defenseless on the ground, forcing official Herb Dean to call off the match and name him the victor.

How did Weidman do it? For starters, although he was an underdog, his record was nothing to shrug at – he’s 10-0 in MMA and 6-0 in UFC. Furthermore, Weidman’s wrestling abilities matched up with fighters Dan Henderson and Chael Sonnen, both of whom gave Silva tough matches. And lastly, Weidman’s training partners not only mimicked Silva’s fighting techniques, but also his well-known mind games.

"I was ready for it," Weidman told Fox Sports after the fight. "It pisses me off when someone tries to do that to me. I just knew little by little, I was going to creep on him, and when he slept, I was going to get him."

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