Anderson Cooper said Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33, the ex-Los Angeles Police Department officer who officials say has killed three people, including a cop, sent him an LAPD gold coin shot through with multiple bullet holes.

Wrapped in duct tape, the coin was labeled “Thanks but no thanks Will Bratton.” Bratton was formerly police chief in Los Angeles. On Cooper’s CNN show, Bratton explained that the coin was given to officers enlisted in the military and serving overseas as “a token of respect and good luck.”

Bratton explained that he had no recollection of Dorner, who was fired in 2008, and had no explanation for why he would commit such crimes. “I could understand his grievance directed toward me in my capacity as Chief of Police,” Bratton said. “But a lot of police officers get discharged, and none of them resort to the actions that this young man has taken.”

Accompanying the coin was a DVD and Post-it Note. The post-it note partially read, “I never lied! Here is my vindication. Evans kicked the suspect.” Evans is Teresa Evans, Dorner’s former partner. Dorner alleged that Evans kicked a mentally ill man while he was handcuffed. He brought the incident to the attention of investigators but concluded there was no charge. A discipline board ruled Dorner lied about the event and was fired. Cooper said the DVD contained testimony that seemed to corroborate Dorner’s story.

A manhunt for Dorner is still ongoing.

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