Amy Schumer dished on a sexting prank she pulled on Katie Couric at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards during an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Amy Schumer Sent Dirty Text To Katie Couric’s Husband As A Prank

Schumer, who has been busy promoting her new movie, Trainwreck, appeared on The Tonight Show Wednesday night to talk about her movie and talk about a spontaneous prank she pulled on Katie Couric.

When asked by Jimmy Fallon about her celebrity fans, Schummer recounted meeting Couric at Glamour’s Women of the Year Awards earlier this year. According to Schumer, Couric came up to her and declared herself a huge fan, deciding that the two would sit together during the dinner. Couric and Schumer ended up siting at a table with Stephen Colbert and Mindy Kaling, while Couric’s husband was seated at a completely different table.

“Mindy and I were engaged…what I’m now thinking of is a bread-off. Like, we were just seeing who could eat more bread, you know? We were just kind of side-eyeing each other, like, ‘I’m comfortable in my skin! I don’t care about Hollywood!’ I won! Anyway, so then Katie is like, ‘Oh, my God! My husband is here. He wasn’t even invited. This is so embarrassing… Should I go talk to him?’” Schumer said.

Schumer then explained that Couric went to find her husband, John Molner, and that’s when Schumer struck. “She left her phone open to texts from him. Don’t worry! I didn’t do anything. Except I picked it up, just without even thinking, I texted him: ‘I wanna have anal tonight.’ And I sent it,” Schumer continued.

Clearly shocked by Schumer’s confession, Fallon’s jaw dropped as Schumer continued to detail her sext prank. “I didn’t even think. It just happened. It happened so fast. I show Mindy and I go, ‘Look what happened!’ She’s like, ‘What do you mean what happened? You did that! You just did that!’ I show Colbert and he is on the floor laughing – like, on the floor. Katie comes back like 90 seconds later and her and her husband are like, ‘So…we’re leaving.’ Like, ‘I don’t know why he wants to leave,’” Schumer said.

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After story went viral, Couric responded to the “epic prank” on Twitter, threatening her revenge. “Note to self: Keep phone away from @amyschumer at all times. #epicprank #itspaybacktimesister,” Couric wrote.

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