Comedian Amy Schumer released a parody of Beyonce‘s black female empowerment music video to her song “Formation” – and was met with far more anger than praise.


The video on YouTube, after being viewed more than 500,000 times, received three times as many thumbs down votes than thumbs up. Watch it below.

The video clearly did not get the reaction Schumer was hoping for, as she has now been called a racist for parodying a powerful video about being black in the south. Upcoming Mother/Daughter co-stars Goldie HawnWanda Sykes and Joan Cusack also took part in the skit, which Schumer has called a tribute to Beyonce rather than a parody.

Beyonce’s lyrics hit home for many African Americans, especially the identifying line, “My daddy Alabama / Mama Louisiana / You mix that negro with that Creole / Make a Texas Bama.” Schumer is seen wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with “Texas Bama,” a label generally used historically in a derogatory way.

Social media is in an uproar over the controversial video.

Schumer, meanwhile, took to Instagram to defend herself instead of issuing an apology. The photo is a black and white pic of herself, topless, with a quote from “Formation” as the caption. “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation,” it reads. “Thanks for the exclusive release Tidal! We had so much fun making this tribute. All love and women inspiring each other. #strongertogether.” Tidal, which is partly owned by Beyonce and Jay Z, apparently helped release the video. It seems Schumer is insinuating that Beyonce somehow gave her blessing for the video.

Aside from the post, Schumer has yet to respond to any of the controversy that now surrounds her.

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