Amy Schneider has been absolutely dominating Jeopardy! since her debut episode on November 17, 2021, and there is seemingly no end in sight in the New Year. As of the January 13 episode, Schneider has won 32 games and amassed a total of $1,101,600 in winnings.

This makes her the highest-earning female Jeopardy! player ever, and Schneider has now tied with James Holzhauer for 3rd in the Consecutive Games Won record. Her next target in the rankings is Matt Amodio, who had an impressive run from July to October of 2021. Amodio won 38 games and a total of $1,518,601.

Schneider told legendary Jeopardy! champion and current host Ken Jennings during last night’s episode that she planned to take her parents to Ireland with the winnings. “Both my parents are Irish and half-German. The Irish part is a lot more fun so that is what I grew up with a lot more. I remember being in bars on St. Patrick’s day when I was six.”

The buzz around Schneider’s streak has also apparently affected the show’s viewership. Jeopardy! became the most-watched non-sports program on TV given Nielsen numbers from the week of Dec 27, 2021-Jan 2, 2022, overtaking news institution 60 Minutes for the first time in over a decade.

You can watch Schneider defend her Jeopardy! streak every weekday at 7 p.m. ET on CBS.

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