Amy Adams and her Arrival costar Jeremy Renner arrived in Venice in style ahead of their film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival.

Amy Adams & Jeremy Renner

Adams and Renner rode together on a water taxi to the first photocall for their new movie Arrival at the Venice Convention Centre on the Lido Thursday. Adams looked as elegant as ever in a green and blue color block dress. At her side, Renner sported a gray jacket with a white shirt and black tie and vest.

In sci-fi thriller Arrival, Amy and Jenner’s characters are a part of a team that investigates one of many spacecrafts that start landing on Earth. Adams’ character is Dr. Louise Banks, a linguistics professor that the government recruits to help them communicate with the occupants. Renner’s character Donnelly is a theoretical physicist. Much of the plot revolves around Banks’ efforts to learn the aliens’ language so that she can communicate with them and prevent war with the extraterrestrials – and the world’s self destruction.

Interestingly, it was Adams’ ability to communicate without words that convinced director Denis Villeneuve that she was the right actress for the job.

Every time she’s offered a part, Adams asks the director, “’Why do you want me to play this?’ And if they ever tell me it’s because they want someone likable, I don’t want to play it,” Adams told Deadline, adding that Villeneuve’s was, “I need to see what [Louise] is thinking, and I can see what you’re thinking when you act.”

Renner added, referring to the film’s relatively sparse dialogue, “I think the most effective communicating is without words. I always feel like I f–k up a conversation because of words. I can communicate a lot through physicality.”

Arrival opens in theaters on Nov. 11.

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