Amish Mafia star Wayne, the muscle of the Ohio Amish Community, took a sledgehammer to a local arcade after learning that the owner was allowing Amish children to play games in the establishment.

Driving over to the arcade, Wayne says, "All they worry about is money. They don't give a s–t about Amish kids and their religion or anything.”

Wayne Visits An Arcade

Once Wayne arrives at the arcade, he enters and is heard speaking Pennsylvania Dutch to the kids playing the games. He says to them, “You aren’t supposed to be in here. You are supposed to be at home with your mother and father. Here. Come. You have to go.” Soon enough, two boys are shown exiting the building.

"You can't have these Amish kids in here participating in this,” Wayne is heard telling the owner. “It's not in their culture and you know that. Do I make myself clear? I'm not asking you, I'm telling you."

The owner, not knowing what Wayne has in the bed of his pickup truck, replies, “I’m not making any promises, man. I’m just… this is my thing man. Just mind your own business.”

Wayne retreats to his car only to return with the sledgehammer. Amidst protests from the owner, he lowers the weapon into a number of arcade games, causing them to tumble onto the floor. For good measure, he also takes out a couple of candy dispensers.

Wayne Takes Out Raw Milk

In a previous episode, Wayne drove over to the house of a guy who was selling raw milk behind Merlin’s back. While drinking it is acceptable in the community, selling it is a no-no, so Wayne took a bat to dozens of milk bottles to discourage the side business.

– Chelsea Regan

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