Amish Mafia will premiere its sophomore season on Discovery Channel in mid August, starring Lebanon Levi, Alvin and Jolin.

The first season of Amish Mafia set Discovery Channel records when it aired last December on the niche network. Following Levi and his crew, the show claims to shed a light on how this group maintains peace and order in the Amish community in Lancaster County, Pa. The series premiered to 3.7 million viewers and kept its stride throughout the season – making it both the best premiere and best-rated freshman series in Discovery Channel history.

The second season of Amish Mafia will see Levi struggling to maintain order within his group, as much as outside of it, according to the New York Post. Both Alvin and Jolin take issue with some of Levi’s decisions, while the group is working to integrate new guy Caleb into the fold.

Levi never expected that the show would get such a vast audience, but doesn’t mind the newfound fame or how he was portrayed on the show’s first season. "I just want people to know how we take care of each other and how we stand up for ourselves and for each other,” he told the Post.

Amish Mafia’s second season will premiere on the Discovery Channel Aug. 13.

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