The two-hour season 13 finale of NBC’s America’s Got Talent on Wednesday night was full of thrills and surprises, and magician Shin Lim ultimately won after performing an amazing card trick.

The 26-year-old Canadian-born Lim, one of ten finalists, won $1 million after finishing first in the competition. He beat out Courtney HadwinMichael KettererVicki BarbolakSamuel J. ComroeGlennis GraceDaniel EmmetBrian King JosephZurcaroh and Duo Transcend.

According to USA Today, judge Simon Cowell said he was impressed by Lim, although the magician wasn’t his top pick to win. Cowell was reportedly rooting for fan-favorite Ketterer, a pediatric nurse who sang Garth Brooks’ song “The Courage of Love.”


“He got what I was saying, which was if you want to go to that next level, you’ve got to make it bigger. You’ve got to show your personality, you’ve got to be a showman,” Cowell said after the competition. “He took it all on board and when he came out last night, I did say to him afterward, ‘I think you could win after that.'”

The finale also included performances from several top artists like KISS, Bebe Rexha and Placido Domingo. The latter two performed alongside a pair of contestants. Comedian David Spade also made an appearance.

Zucaroh, Comroe, Joseph and Ketterer all advanced to the final five alongside Lim. Zucaroh, a dance group, were the runners-up.

Lim also earned a headliner spot in a November AGT finalists show in Las Vegas.

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