Nick Cannon learned how to deliver the perfect kiss during “Intimacy Expert” Joanna Kennedy’s audition on the final night of America’s Got Talent auditions.

Nick Cannon Kisses An Audience Member During AGT Audition

America’s Got Talent’s final week of audition featured singing, dancing, acrobatics, and, of course, a few oddball auditions to round out the show’s 10th season. Perhaps the strangest audition belonged to Intimacy Expert Joanna Kennedy.

When Kennedy walked on stage, she immediately announced the need for a volunteer, and, being the good friend he is, judge Howard Stern offered up his newly single pal, Cannon. Cannon insisted he didn’t need any help in the kissing department, to which Stern responded, “Listen, you are divorced. Someone didn’t like how you were kissing.”

Cannon appeared eager to participate, until Kennedy went to get her “friend” to help Cannon out. The friend, it turns out, was a sex doll named Rachel. After Cannon expressed some weariness at the idea of making out with a plastic blow up doll on national television, Stern ventured into the audience to find a volunteer to make out with Cannon.

As an intimacy expert, Kennedy adjusted Cannon’s hold and told him how to caress her face. As Cannon and the audience volunteer got closer and closer to finally locking lips, Stern, Howie Mandel and Mel B all pressed their X buzzers, with Heidi Klum following suit only after Cannon got his steamy kiss.

Daditude, Vox, 3 Shades Of Blue And More Impress

Needless to say, Kennedy didn’t make it to the next round. But, there were many more successful acts that made it through, including middle aged dancers, Daditude, made up of fathers who used to be professional dancers.

The dads weren’t the only group of ‘unconventional’ dancers to take the AGT stage. Pretty Big Movement, a group of seven curvy women, also made the cut.

There were also a few surprising boy bands that made the cut: Vox, an opera boy band, and 3 Shades of Blue, a pop rock band made up of three brothers and their best friend.

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