Heavenly Joy Jerkins stole the show during America’s Got Talent’s week 6 auditions, winning the judges’ hearts with her cute rendition of Frozen’s “In Summer.”

AGT Auditions Week 6 Recap:

Samantha Johnson, a young singer, got a standing ovation from the judges with her Aretha Franklin cover. The 26-year-old performed “Natural Woman” for the judges and got sent through to the next round.

Enra, a Japanese Dance Duo, also made the cut. The dancing duo was made of two women, who danced gracefully against a computer-animated background.

Paul Ponce divided the judges with his unconventional act: hat juggling. While it may sound silly, Paul’s act appeared to defy gravity as he flung what looked like straw hats up in the air, only to have them boomerang right back. He moved through the audience, all over the stage, constantly changing hats and never losing one for a second. Howard Stern and Heidi Klum gave him a pair of yeses, but Mel B wasn’t impressed and said no. Howie Mandel was ready to agree with Mel, but Howard got the crowd to cheer loud enough to get Howie to vote yes.

Silvia Silvia and her husband, Victor Victor, auditioned next. They are second generation performers, and just so happen to be Paul Ponce’s parents. For their show, Silvia will be “shooting arrows at my husband.” Yikes. Nick Cannon gets jittery when he realizes that Silvia’s targets would be placed in front of him, meaning the arrows would be coming in his direction. He quickly placed Paul in front of him to use as a shield. The daring act got Silvia (and Victor?) four yeses, and the entire Ponce family is off to the next round.

Star of the night, Heavenly Joy Jerkins, auditioned next. This 5-year-old ball of energy came ready to win with a huge smile and a bubbly personality. She sang and tapped to Frozen’s “In Summer” – the song sung by the friendly snowman Olaf in the Disney film. Her cuteness level was off the charts, and she immediately charmed Howard, who started to banter with her when she set foot on stage. And, once she tells the judges she would give away the $1 million prize should she win to help people who “don’t have any clothes,” she has all the judges in her corner. But, she’s more than just a pretty face. “Hit it, Toots!” she exclaims before breaking into song. At 5, she has a strong voice and some pretty cute dance moves. There’s no doubt in the judges’ minds that Heavenly will become a star performer, and she gets four yeses.

Olaf himself, Josh Gad, saw video of the audition and gave it his stamp of approval. “This is awesome! What a cutie,” he tweeted in response to the video.

America’s Got Talent followed up Heavenly’s happy audition with Grand Master Qi Feilong’s return to the competition. The weird “energy absorber” continued to freak out the judges, and audiences everywhere, by breaking a chopstick in two with his throat, bending a spoon with his eye, and holding up a bicycle with his teeth. Heidi was not interested in the act, and hit her buzzer half way through the act. But, the other judges were intrigued enough to let him through to the next round.

Mountain Faith Band, a bluegrass family band, converted the judges into bluegrass lovers with their cover of One Republic’s “Counting Stars.” They got together because they all worked at dad’s tire shop, and, despite their timid demeanor when meeting the judges, they definitely managed to pull off an entertaining and engaging performance. Four yeses!

Leo Lytel was up next. Leo is a 15-year-old comedian – he started when he was 13 – and his goal is to make his awkward teenage years as hilarious as possible. Leo’s self-deprecating act had Howie and Howard laughing in their seats. He’s in and onto the next round.

Trizzie D auditions next, accompanied by 45 watermelons. Trizzie D is “a record breaker” and professional wrestler and for his audition, he vows to break the world record for cracking open watermelons with his head in a minute. Trizzie D might have sustained a brain injury during his audition, but the dizzy, and slightly stained, performer broke the record and got through to the next round.

A few contestants took the judges outside of the arena for their auditions. First: the Wild West Express, a group of five children – ranging in age from 6 to 16 – acrobats who perform gymnastics on horseback. “I don’t want to see anything bad happen,” Howie said before sending them off to their horses. The kids impressed the judges, and frightened them a bit, with their daring tricks, and made it through to the next round.

Up next: Greg V Roe, a stuntman who auditioned by jumping 18-stories in incredibly windy conditions – “Just going up is insane!” Howie exclaimed, watching as Greg dangled up in the air before his big jump. Of course, it wasn’t just the jump that was the stunt, it was the triple flip and twist he performed during his descent. He’s alive and through to the next round.

Finally, the judges saw Danger’s Angels – a group of female daredevils. For their audition, Nikki McBurnett was blown up in a limo. She tells the judges it’s her favorite stunt to perform, but the show makes clear that the stunt is extremely dangerous. “I’m not sure about this,” Heidi tells the other judges before the stunt.

Nikki emerged from the car, on fire, but seemingly unharmed. Heidi felt that the audition was just too scary for her to enjoy, and she voted no. But, the three other judges agreed they wanted to see more of Nikki, so she got through to the next round.

Next week, America’s Got Talent will air their last week of auditions, Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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