Tuesday night marked the final night of Judge Cuts on America’s Got Talent, meaning the final seven spots were filled for the upcoming live shows.


Judges Simon CowellHeidi KlumMel B, and Howie Mandel were joined by Orange is the New Black star Laverne Cox to determine the final contestants. “I want to see passion and I want to be moved,” Cox said, discussing her option to hit the Golden Buzzer.

And the moment came after 9-year-old singer Celine Tam blew the audience away with “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You.” She dedicated the performance to her younger sister, whose name is Dion. “Your voice is amazing,” Cox said. “You are so talented. I am blown away,” and she hit the Golden Buzzer, sending her through.

Another through was Oscar Hernandez, 34, a NFL and NBA dance team choreographer and dancer. The dancer shared that his father encouraged him to play sports growing up so that other kids wouldn’t pick on him, but has since admitted he was in the wrong. His electric performance had the judges cheering and put him through to the live shows. “Oscar is large and in charge,” Cox added. “Don’t ever give up on your dreams.”

Next through was 56-year-old singer Mike Yung, who is used to performing on subway platforms. Yung performed Sam Cooke’s “A Change is Gonna Come.” Even Cowell had nice things to say, telling him, “I applaud the fact that you have paid your dues. You have such heart and such talent.”

A dance crew was the next to continue, called Brobots and Mandroids, a group of high school and college students, aged 14-24. The crew lost a few from parents urging the boys to stay in school, but the remaining dancers made it to the live shows. “You really brought your A-game,” said Klum of the complex and entertaining performance.

Another dance troupe followed, called Diavolo, based in LA. Diavolo was started by Frenchman Jacques Heim. The act performed with a broken nose and broken fingers on stage, and the judges had nothing but good things to say about it. “I love it,” Mandel praised. “You create a show and a spectacle. I find it amazing.”

26-year-old standup comedian Preacher Lawson pulled the sixth spot. He kept the jokes coming and the judges laughing. “You have star quality,” Cowell told him. “That is something you can’t fake. In 5 or 10 years time, people will say, ‘I remember the first time I saw Preacher Lawson. It was on America’s Got Talent.'”

Last but not least was a daredevil skating act from brother-sister duo Billy and Emily England, 30 and 27. Despite their aunt and uncle dying from an extreme stunt accident, the siblings continue with their act. They performed a high-flying roller skate act that had the judges screaming. The climax of the routine was when Emily grabbed onto her brother’s bushy beard and he spun her around. “It’s the best act of the day,” Klum said. “You pushed the boundaries, and that is what entertainers and stars do.”

America’s Got Talent returns next Tuesday at 8 pm for the live shows.

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