Arielle Baril, 11, got the Golden Buzzer on America’s Got Talent Tuesday night, during the season’s fifth night of auditions.

Arielle Baril Gets The Golden Buzzer

Arielle appeared at the auditions with her mother by her side, and, while her mother was a flutter with nerves, Arielle was just bursting with excitement. Arielle has been singing “as long as she can remember” after being taught how to sing by her older brother, who got a shout out before Arielle started her audition. Arielle stunned the judges when, instead of singing another pop song, she opened her mouth to deliver a stunning opera tune. Arielle got a standing ovation from the crowd, and had judge Heidi Klum on her feet. “I was kind of thinking, ‘Is she singing playback? That can’t be really coming out of her mouth,’” Klum said.

Klum was so taken with Arielle’s voice, she hit the Golden Buzzer, sending Arielle straight through to the live shows at Radio City Music Hall.

AGT Auditions Recap

Arielle wasn’t the only young standout from the night’s auditions. The Gentlemen, a dancing duo of brothers Zack, 12, and Cameron, 9, got sent through to the next round with their smooth dance routine. Their dancing may not be the most impressive to grace the AGT stage, but the adorable duo impressed the judges enough to get four yeses.

Oz Pearlman, a ‘Mentalist’ from Wall Street, who left his career to pursue his dream of magic. Oz first accurately guesses a number Klum thinks of in her head, but he really freaks out the judges when he accurately predicts a vacation Mel B took in the 90s and who she took it with – it was to Fiji with Geri.

Britney Allen, a young singer, suffered from extreme stage fright during her audition and almost left the stage. The judges encouraged her to sit back down and try again, and they loved her performance. Howard Stern noted that her vocals might not be strong enough for the competition, but the other three judges saw a spark in Britney and they sent her through to the next round. (It didn’t hurt that the audience completely fell in love with her performance, giving her a nice, loud round of applause.)

Mr. Fudge, a balloon artist, was up next. The balloon act was surprisingly infinitely stranger than it sounds. Mr. Fudge essentially made a balloon animal inside his assistant’s mouth – and it only gets more disgusting from there.

Latin Dance Group, Semeneya, left a bit too much on the stage during their audition. Mere seconds into the performance, leader Ruiz popped his knee out of the joint, and the audition stopped. The judges gave the remaining three Semeneya members a choice: either wait a year for Ruiz to recover and come back, or have a day to regroup and come back to audition the next day. Ruiz stepped down and told his group to audition without him – and, like the pros that they are, the group already had a routine planned. The quicksteps and crazy moves paid off, and the group was unanimously sent through to the next round.

Also sent through: a metal Mariachi band called ‘Metalachi.’ The group dominated the stage, with their crazy costumes and big instruments. Stern thoroughly enjoyed the performance from the beginning, calling it the “perfect merging of metal and mariachi.” Stern, Klum and Howie Mandel gave the group a standing ovation, and they were sent into the next round.

The Grandpa Show – an actual grandpa stuntman named Shel Higgens – auditioned with a brand new chainsaw – “I could die,” he told the judges before starting his extreme audition stunt. The second he turned the chainsaw on, even Nick Cannon took a step back. “Don’t play with chainsaws,” Cannon screamed into the camera as Higgens put on a blindfold to prepare for a trick. Grandpa Show lived through the act, and as a reward for his victory, was sent through to the next round.

Olexi, an acrobat from the Ukraine, gave an odd audition with his headless mannequin partner. The creepy premise elicited nervous laughter from the crowd, but the laughs turned into cheering once he began his intimate routine to the tune of “Take My Breath Away.” Stern was the first judge to speak, saying, “That was really strange man.” Klum added, “It was weird when you were climbing all over this doll,” but said it was “strange but good.” Strange but good, Olexi made it through to the next round, with three yeses from Klum, Mel B and Stern.

Alex Boye, another singer, auditioned with Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” – a risky choice considering Swift’s current world domination. Alex, 44, showed up ready for Vegas: full of energy and wearing feathers on his shoulder pads. The energy and passion with which he sang was infectious (the awesome band backing him up helped) and earned him four yeses from the judges.

There were also a few dancing auditions that were cut short for time, but hopefully we’ll see more of these acts going forward:

Auditions for America’s Got Talent continue Tuesday at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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