America’s Got Talent returned Tuesday night with 20 acts that were fighting to break their way into the round of live performances – and with former judge Piers Morgan helping the judges decide their fate.

America’s Got Talent Recap

After all of the performances, the judges – Morgan, Mel B., Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel and Howard Stern – picked just seven acts to go through to the fan-voted rounds of the competition:

The Gentlemen

The 9 and 12-year-old brother team danced their way through to the next round in their white tuxedo jackets. Though Morgan wasn’t won over by the cute hip-hop routine, the rest of the judging crew determined they were good enough to stay in the competition for another week.

Derek Hughes

Magician Derek Hughes proved once again that he might be the best magician that’s ever graced the X-Factor stage during last night’s show. Using his telepathic powers, he managed to get into the judges’ minds and write what they were thinking on his notepad – though he pretended throughout that he was getting it all wrong.

Duo Volta

Trapeze artists Duo Volta – the erstwhile couple – appeared to dance while suspended in the air. The male partner hung from the trapeze, while his former girlfriend dangled from his grasp to perform a number of impressive tricks.

Alicia Michilli

Singer Alicia Michille covered “Who’s Loving You,” a number made famous by the Jackson 5. The soulful performance got the audience on their feet, helping to convince the judges to bring her back for the live shows.


Six-person dance group SIRO-A, which fuses dancing with technology, put on another original performance Tuesday. Set to a techno beat, the routine dazzled all of the judges, who thought they definitely stepped up their game. The performance was so good, it got Morgan’s Golden Buzzer vote.

Gary Vider

Comedian Gary Vider did a stand-up routine about being broke and not having to pay taxes because of his $11,000 salary. He also dead-panned about sending a ransom note to his parents to shake them down for some money.

The Regurgitator

The Regurgitator’s act on Tuesday featured him swallowing a grape tomato and an “extremely sharp” razor blade, with which he sliced the tomato inside his stomach before coughing it all back up. He then swallowed five $1 coins before coughing four of them back up in order. He then swallowed a clip, clipped it onto the coin in his stomach and regurgitated that as well.

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