And so another season of America’s Got Talent goes down in the record books with another winner crowned.


The evening began with the final ten performers having made their last attempts to win the night before. Now it was time for them to sit back and enjoy the show, and of course anxiously wait to find out if they were the lucky winner. The two-hour finale was long and full of exciting acts and performances from past contestants and celebrities alike.

Throughout the evening, the final ten are pitted against each other in duels, or with solo performances. These actually mean nothing in the competition, but act as a fun and nerve-wracking way to announce the voting results. First up are Angelica Hale and Kechi, who sing Kelly Clarkson‘s “What Doesn’t Kill You (Stronger).” Before long, Clarkson jumps in and sings her new single “Love So Soft,” and she tells the women that no matter what, they are both winners.

Next up are Diavolo and Light Balance, who can’t quite do dueling dance acts. In fact, Diavolo’s was performed in advance, but Light Balance come out live. Derek Hough makes a surprise appearance as one of the dance crew members, which is fun, before he plugs his own show, World of Dance.

Mandy Harvey comes out with Shania Twain and they sing a great duet of “You’re Still the One,” after which Harvey leaves the stage and Twain sings her newest single “Life’s About to Get Good.” Darci Lynne Farmer is the next act to perform, as she does a live performance with season 2 winner Terry Fator. She maybe flubs her line in “Anything You Can Do,” but it’s still fantastic.

Preacher Lawson gets a video clip of him, Howie Mandel, and Kevin Nealon at the Laugh Factory, where they exchange tips about standup comedy. Similarly, Sara Carson and her dog Hero also get a video clip instead of a live performance, in which she attempts to train the judges’ dogs.

Next up on stage is Evie Clair, who sings “Okay Day” before introducing James Arthur, who then begins to sing his recorded song “So You Won’t Let Go.”

And finally it’s time for the live results portion of the show. They bring out contestants in twos, and say which made it to the top 5. It’s Mandy Harvey, Sara & Hero (surprisingly), Light Balance, Darci Lynne, and Angelica Hale in the final five.

Then host Tyra Banks announces top four in order, and it’s Mandy Harvey in fourth, Light Balance in third, and Angelica Hale in second, meaning young ventriloquist Darci Lynne is AGT‘s season 12 winner.

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