American Ninja Warrior‘s season 8 premiere aired on Wednesday with new, intense obstacle courses.

Kevin Bull finished with the time of 2:02.81, the night’s top time, and had the show’s Run of the Night.

Jessie Graff was the first woman to complete the course and the new 14.5-foot warped wall.

The new obstacles were the floating steps, the escalator and the ring jump.


Tory Garcia, a Naval officer, and marketing assistant Jackson Meyer both made it past the Tick Tock obstacle but didn’t make it all the way through.

Chad Sorrell had a hard time from the get go. In less than five seconds into his run, he fell into the water.

Tiana Webberley and Steve Seiver both made it far into the course but ended up failing. Webberley fell at the I-Beam and Seiver fell at the wall.

YouTube personality Natalie Duran was the first woman to make it through the course but couldn’t make it passed the wall.

McCartney, also known as the Island Ninja, was the second contestant to complete the course. When he came to the end, he pressed the red button with a dap. It was pretty amusing to see.

Bull and Rodriguez finished the the course and wall, going on the the next round, with ease.

The competition will be in Atlanta next week.

Here are the times:

Kevin Bull: 2:02.81

Flip Rodriguez: 2:23.12

Chris Workman: 2:24.45

Sean Bryan: 2:30.11

Nicholas Coolridge: 2:33.37

Gabe Hurtado: 3:08.70

Justin Hillsten: 3:28.90

Ryan Robinson: 3:30.95

Liam Buell: 3:34.24

Grant McCartney: 4:23.47

Jessie Graff: 4:27.84

Josh Levin: 4:35.21

Nick Hanson: 4:43.68

Brian Kretsch: 4:45.30

Ben Melick: 4:50.16

Ted Jung: 5:19.83

Jerod Warf: 7:02.60

American Ninja Warrior airs on Wednesdays 8/7c on NBC.

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