American Ninja Warrior kicked off a new season with a qualifying course in Venice Beach on Monday, May 25.

American Ninja Warrior 2015 Recap

Contestants had to go through the quintuple steps, a mini silk glider, the tilting table, the spin cycle, the hourglass drop and the warped wall at the very end of the course. Many contestants were unable to complete the course, with only seven contestants going through to the next round. Kevin Bull, Alan Connealy, Nicholas Coolridge, Alvaro Campos, Travis Brewer, Grant McCartney and Almas Merimanov finished the course, with times ranging from 0:56.40 seconds to 2:36.16.

Bull gave the most impressive run of the night, finishing the course in under a minute – the fastest by over 30 seconds.

Jon Ryan of the Seattle Seahawks also competed in the qualifiers, making it past the first two obstacles, before falling on the tilting table.

American Ninja Warrior will host qualifiers in Houston, Kansas City, Universal Studios in Orlando and Pittsburgh before going to the Las Vegas finals. American Ninja Warrior airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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