American Idol’s latest elimination show promised a shocking twist that even the five finalists knew nothing about, though one of them was unfortunately still sent packing.

American Idol Recap

Following the “last supper” segment in which Caleb Johnson revisited his now famous scream during his Whitesnake performance and Sam Woolf gushed over his crush Ariana Grande, Keith Urban took to the stage to perform his new single “Good Thing.”

Randy Jackson, in his weekly recap, had a lot of praise for Jena Irene, Caleb Johnson and Alex Preston. As for Jess Meuse, Jackson doesn’t think she gave a performance that would solidify her place in the top 4 – and neither did Woolf.

Now, for the twist: Ryan Seacrest told the contestants that whether or not someone was going home this week would be in their hands. They would have the chance to vote to either send the person with the lowest votes home this week, or keep everyone around and have the bottom two sent home next week. The decision had to be unanimous and the vote was split 3-2, meaning the person with the lowest amount of votes, which happened to be Sam Woolf, was going home.

For his swan song, Woolf sang Imagine Dragon’s “It’s Time.”

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