The former American Idol finalist Caleb Kennedy will stay in jail while a judge awaits his full toxicology report during his bond hearing for his DUI case that resulted in the death of 54-year-old Larry Paris.

Kennedy, 17, was in court yesterday and his attorney Ryan Beasley presented records that included a urine test result and blood alcohol levels. The judge decided to wait to rule on Kennedy’s bond until he receives the full toxicology report. Beasley claimed that Kennedy wasn’t under the influence of marijuana, and was simply affected by a reaction to prescription medication.

Parris’ family was in court Thursday as well, emotionally recounting finding Parris wounded after Kennedy crashed through his garage/workshop. Kelsi Harvell, the victim’s daughter, said “I’ve laid down and closed my eyes only to hear the same thing over and over again. My daddy laying in his own shop – moaning, groaning, and hollering – with a complete stranger. A stranger that was not calling 911 or even calling for help. Just sitting there with a blank look on his face.”

Beasley denied Harvell’s recollection of Kennedy and claimed that he was weeping and holding Larry Parris when paramedics arrived. “He wasn’t out late at night partying, drinking, and running from the cops. Caleb has done nothing but express remorse and sorrow for the Parris family every time I speak to him,” Beasley said in court.

Beasley has admitted on FOX Carolina that there was a trace amount of THC detected in Kennedy’s urine test, but argued he wasn’t under the influence during the actual crash. He decried the decision to await SLED toxicology results since they “could take up to six months because of the backlog. We provided the court with blood/urine results which show the presence of THC which is what the State is alleging is the illegal influence so what else do they need?”

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