Episode two of American Horror Story: Cult brings us right back into Ally and Ivy’s bedroom where we ended the last episode, where Ally sees a clown in their shared bed.


Ivy races upstairs with a knife when Ally shrieks and furiously searches but finds nothing. That apparently sets the mood and Ally and Ivy get busy, but in the other room their son Ozzy also is seeing clowns – Twisty from a previous series and an unnamed clown that looks shockingly phallic. They chase him into the bathroom and then break down the door to get to him, but in the end that was just a dream. The credits role after Ozzy wakes up screaming in horror.

It’s clear that evil forces have converged upon their household, and Ozzy suddenly becomes preachy about faith, saying, “People are going to believe what they’re going to believe; the trick is figuring out what they want to believe, and then giving it to them.”

Meanwhile, Kai’s orchestrated beating from episode one has gone viral, thanks to a video taken by newcomers the Wiltons, who just moved into the house of the recently murders Changs. Harrison and Meadow Wilton are an extremely odd couple – she, a skin cancer survivor who wears clothes to cover her skin (and identity) at all times, and he, a gay, gun-toting beekeeper. They have an agreement where he can engage in same-sex fun once a week in a different town. They also keep enough barrels in their garage to make Ally go crazy with suspicions.

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An alarm goes off in Ally & Ivy’s owned restaurant, and while Ozzy stays with Ivy in safety, Ally goes to check out the scene. And so she comes across the body of their sous chef, strung up in the butchering room, dead and bloodied. Unlike the masturbating clowns in episode one, this tableau is very real. Ally starts to unravel, converting their home into a fortress and even purchasing a gun (she calls her therapist a knee-jerk liberal when he reacts with concern and dismay).

Kai shows up to campaign for his run for city council and speaks through the reinforced door to Ally. “A conservative is a liberal who’s been mugged,” he tells her. Later that night, Ally is home with their nanny Winter when the power goes out. Harrison Wilton bangs on the door, insistent that this is a terrorist attack. Winter leaves, and suddenly Ally is completely alone, and what start to creep into her mind, but the clowns.

Ally grabs her gun and Ozzy and runs for the door, but at the same time her friendly employee Pedro Morales is walking up to the house to deliver some candles and a phone charger to help her out during the power outage. And unsurprisingly, in the mess, Ally shoots him.

American Horror Story: Cult airs on Tuesday nights at 10 p.m. on FX.

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