American Horror Story‘s sixth season still doesn’t have a subtitle – and the recently released promos keep fans guessing about what’s in store.

American Horror Story Season 6

One of the new teasers shows a nurse taking a pair of sheers to a set of wind chimes made of old teeth and a small corn husk doll. After she snips the chimes, the yellowed teeth clatter to the wooden boards of a porch.

Another new teaser shows an alien abduction. A young woman is lifted up into the air from a secluded campground, her body bending backwards and eventually snapping as she nears the spaceship.

A menacing shadow follows a woman up a set of stairs before grabbing her long braid and pulling her neck back in one clip.

In the last of the recent batch of teasers, called “The Mist,” a being with stump-like limps that moves like a spider hurries down train tracks.

Two weeks ago, FX dropped a half-dozen teasers for American Horror Story‘s sixth season – “What’s Cooking?” ” Sunset Stroll,” “Descent,” “Lullaby,” “Milli Crossing” and “Post Op.” According to FX boss John Landgraf the promos are meant to represent “hypothetical seasons” of AHS – though one is supposed to be the real deal.

In the past, American Horror Story fans have been given an idea as to the plot of the coming season. This time, however, Landgraf says they want the details to be a secret as long as possible.

“Every year, we’ve basically laid out the themes, the new genre that [showrunner Ryan Murphy’s] going to be approaching, and we just thought [this year] it’d be really fun to keep it a mystery. So, we are,” Landgraf said at the TCAs. “The scripts come in, and they’ve got my name emblazoned across them and there’s only one script that comes into the company.”

American Horror Story‘s sixth season will premiere on FX Sep. 14.


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