American Horror Storys fourth season has been the subject of ample speculation, with co-creator Ryan Murphy keeping a tight lid on the focus of the horror miniseries' upcoming installment. However, an interview slip by one of the show’s writers indicates that the speculation about a carnival theme may have been accurate.

American Horror Story: Carnival?

Douglas Petrie, who works as both a writer and co-executive producer on American Horror Story, spilled the carnival news during a podcast with Nerdist Writers Panel. Initially, when asked about the setting, Petrie said, “I can say nothing.” Castle and Arrow writer Moira Kirkland, who was also on the podcast, chimed in, “Well, I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard carnival.”

“Yes — that was the…,” said Petrie. “It… It doesn’t have a title.”

The Nerdist podcast moderator Ben Blacker stepped in to verify, asking Petrie, “But that’s the setting?” Petrie answered, “That’s the idea; that’s very roughly the idea.

Ryan Murphy Shuts Down Rumors

Earlier in the year, a carnival or circus was floated about as a possible setting for the follow up to American Horror Story: Coven. Murphy, however, quickly tried to squash the speculation. “I saw those posters,” Murphy told Entertainment Weekly of “Circus” rumors. “I don’t know where people came up with that idea. Sometimes I think its people wanting us to do topics and doing fan posters. No one has completely guessed what it is.”

Murphy has yet to confirm the carnival setting, but has stated that one of the time periods that will be covered is the 1950s and that Jessica Lange will play a “Marlene Dietrich figure.” Furthermore, like Coven, the newest installment will weave comedy into the horror genre series.

– Chelsea Regan

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