The American Horror Story season seven opening credits have dropped, and it is more telling about the story than a teaser would be.


Ryan Murphy‘s brainchild changes its opening credits for each season, giving hints as to what the cult show will be about. This year, the video for AHS: Cult features people dressed in ghastly masks of Donald Trump‘s and Hillary Clinton‘s faces.

The credits continue with the creepy images of bees and critters crawling through tiny holes in someone’s skin. Clowns, a carousel, a casket, and a bathtub full of what looks like blood, pepper the intro with quick cuts. The music is a variation on the common theme song, but with a drumline intermixed, making it sound like a presidential march.

“Watch it begin. Witness the opening credits for #AHSCult,” writes the official American Horror Story Twitter account.

In addition, the credits confirm the show’s focus on five key cast members for season seven – Sarah PaulsonEvan PetersCheyenne JacksonBillie Lourd, and Alison Pill. Paulson and Peters are show veterans, while Jackson is returning for his second season, and Lourd and Pill are newcomers. Also returning will be Emma Roberts, and Lena Dunham has also signed onto the project.

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