American Horror Story: Freak Show opens with Maggie (Emma Roberts) reading Dandy’s (Finn Wittrock) fortune. He admits to hurting “someone” (aka his mother) badly and that he no longer has the person who had always helped him. When his mother’s friend comes by, he kills her and makes a conjoined twin puppet out of the two women.

‘American Horror Story: Freak Show’ Recap

As for Jimmy (Evan Peters), he’s now drunkenly getting off by feeding “the fat lady”  Ima. He gets distracted when he sees Dandy leaving the freak show. Dandy then threatens the drunken Jimmy, telling him that he’s going to destroy everyone and everything he loves because he stole Bette and Dot (Sarah Paulson) from them. Ethel (Kathy Bates) had set them up in a hotel, but Elsa (Jessica Lange) and Stanley (Denis O’Hare) find them. Elsa tells them that they’ve found the doctor who can do the separation.

Back at the freak show, a man comes to see Desiree (Angela Bassett). Maggie (Emma Roberts) tries to send him off, but Desiree tells her he’s her secret beau. When Maggie and Desiree go into the main tent they find Jimmy having sex with Ima. Distraught, Maggie tries to convince Ima that she means nothing to Jimmy and that he’s so drunk that she could be a sock for all he knows. Still drunk, Jimmy makes his regular stop at the women’s fake Tupperware party, but is too drunk to perform and ends up having a hallucination of his mother.

Stanley and Elsa bring ultimately bring Bette and Dot to a shack in the middle of nowhere and say that they can wait there until the doctor arrives. Returned to the freak show, Elsa is having her doubts about whether or not she can have her monsters killed. Playing her once again, Stanley mentions another connection to Hollywood and insists that they’ll both survive the “surgery.”

Back at the house of the woman who hosted the sex party, the husband finally comes home. Inside, he finds the bodies of all of the women in the blood-filled pool, where Dandy left them. Dandy, meanwhile, is back at Mott mansion about to bathe in their blood. Regina (Gabourey Sidibe) comes into his playroom and he tells her he killed her mother and his mother.

Later on, Regina returns to the Mott mansion with a detective. Dandy, feeling completely invincible, says that if Regina says he killed their mothers it must be true. He also says he has enough money that nothing can actually touch him. As the detective begins to pull his gun, Dandy offers to pay him $1 million to become his partner in murder, starting with Regina. With less than a few seconds of thought, the detective shoots Regina.

At the freak show, Del (Michael Chiklis) is swinging back booze and trying to write a letter to Jimmy. The night before, Stanley had confronted him again and propositioned him. His hidden sexuality along with the murder of Ma Petite (Jyoti Amge) has driven him to suicide – but he can’t go through with hanging himself. Ethel, from the grave, encourages him to put his head in the noose. Just as he’s about to die, Desiree comes in and cuts him loose.

When Jimmy returns to his trailer from his drunken stumbling, he finds Bette and Dot waiting for him. Dot has had a complete change of heart where it comes to the surgery because of her love for her sister. Jimmy says that not even family stays, but Dot tries to convince him that he never has to be alone again, that he could have both of them. He tells them he cares about both of them, but that he can’t be their husband because he’s in love with somebody else. Just as he’s about to tell Maggie, the cops pick him up for the murders of the women at the faux Tupperware party.

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