Season three of American Crime aired last night and introduced a whole new cast and slew of crimes.


This season on the anthology series created by John Ridley will focus on immigration, sex trafficking and drug addiction, with the last seasons pivoting around rape, race, homophobia and the justice system. The new season premiere kicked off much in the same way as the previous season – with a chilling call to 911.

This time, a Spanish-speaking caller informs them of a dead body found floating in a river. Not much is discovered about the murder, but it sets the stage for a new crime-ridden series, this time set in North Carolina.

We meet Kimara Walters, played by Regina King who starred in previous seasons, who is a social worker dealing with teenage victims of the sex trade. She is struggling to pay her own bills, but her top priority is definitely her clients. She is currently handling the case of a boy named Ishmael, who was forced into prostitution, but may be suffering from Stockholm Syndrome, and won’t give up his pimp.

We also meet Shae, another sex trafficking victim who shares the same boss as Ismael. At the end of the episode, Walters is representing Shae as well.

Laurie Ann Hesby, played by 24’s Cherry Jones, runs a farm with her two brothers. Because of neighboring competition, the Hesbys must find ultra-cheap labor in the form of undocumented immigrants in order to keep their business running. One immigrant, Luis Salazar (Benito Martinez), is new to America and discovers his American Dream is more like modern-day slavery, working for a terrible wage while living in a run down trailer park.

Show veterans Felicity Huffman and Connor Jessup appear, but only briefly. Huffman plays the wife of a Hesby brother, who wans desperately to help her financially unstable sister. And Jessup is Coy, a young drug addict recruited to work on the farm.

The premiere simply set up all the background and social causes that this season will attempt to tackle. See the trailer for season 3 episode 2 below.

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