In an effort to get people to return to the movie theatre, AMC Theaters announced a promotion, “Movies in 2020 at 1920s Prices.” There will be over one-hundred American theaters across the country participate in the one-day-only event on August 20 when AMC reopens their doors after a long closure due to the pandemic.

The idea is inspired by when the AMC Theaters were founded in 1920 by the Dubinsky Brothers in Kansas City, Missouri, and they hope selling tickets for 15 cents will lead to Americans entering the theaters.

AMC Theaters CEO and President, Adam Aron, said in a statement, “We are thrilled to once again open our doors to American moviegoers who are looking for an opportunity to get out of their houses and apartments and escape into the magic of the movies.”

Although the fifteen cent ticket prices will only last one day, it is the beginning of several phased opening for AMC Theaters and they plan to have more than 600 theaters across the U.S. opened by September 3.

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