Amber Heard, the Drive Angry star, recently claimed that while filming action flick 3 Days to Kill she was costumed in outfits fabricated from the same materials as condoms.

Amber Heard's Condom Dress

"We filmed in the winter in Paris," Heard told E! News. "It was about 20 degrees on the best day and I was literally wearing dresses made out of the same material condoms are made out of. I'm not kidding, there's this incredible latex designer who does a line of latex [and polyurethane] dresses. They were as weather protective as a condom would be."

"It's snowing and icing. They had to keep throwing hot water on the cobblestones because it was freezing over,” she added. “It was raining and snowy, there was ice all over the cobblestone streets and I'm wearing six-inch unbroken-in Louboutins and Jimmy Choos and I'm in a condom dress and a long blond wig. Did I mention it was snowy and cold?"

Heard Opens Up About Fitness

Though Heard’s fit figure is part of her undeniable star power, the actress claims that staying in shape isn’t as easy for her as some might think. She’s thankful to live in Los Angeles, where being active isn't too hard.

"It's not easy for me to keep in shape," she told E!. "I live in L.A.," she says. "I can be outside a lot. I have a lot of impetus to be active. I have a horse. I ride a lot. I'm lucky to live in L.A., so I can find ways to be active."

Heard is reportedly engaged to Johnny Depp, whom she started dating shortly after splitting from photographer Tasya van Ree in 2012. Neither actor has confirmed the engagement, but she’s been sporting a rock on her left ring finger since the middle of January.

3 Days to Kill hits theaters Feb. 21.

– Chelsea Regan

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