Amber Heard has donated her $7 million divorce settlement with Johnny Depp to charities that focus on ending violence against women, as well as to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Back in 2016, when Depp and Heard reached a settlement, she promised that she would donate the money she received both to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and American Civil Liberties Union, and she finally fulfilled her promise this year.

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On the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles’s Imagine 2017 Annual Report, it revealed that Heard was on the “Honor Roll of Donors” list. It also revealed that she donated between $1-$5 million between 2016 and 2017.

The hospital extended their gratitude to donors on their report, “We are  honored to acknowledge our extraordinary donors for their generosity during fiscal year 2017. On behalf of all the children and families whose lives you have impacted, and everyone at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, we offer our sincere thanks.”

The amount of money Heard has donated to the American Civil Liberties Union has not been disclosed, however, the organization holds a special place in her heart as her main advocacy is for  helping women and children.

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Heard has focused her philanthropic work on ending abuse against women following her claims that Depp physically and verbally abused her, as well as allegedly throwing a cellphone at her during a drunken fight.

The two were married for 15 months before deciding to part ways. However, following their ugly split, Heard announced that she would be donating all the money she received through the settlement. Back in 2016, Heard released a statement saying, “as described in the restraining order and divorce settlement, money played no role for me personally and never has, except to the extent that I could donate it to charity and, in doing so, hopefully help those less able to defend themselves.”

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